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The Mister Millennials Collection will be released in multiple seasons, with each season consisting of 69 NFTs allowing holders of earlier seasons to enjoy an organic appreciation of value as The Neighbourhood grows. 

Each season of Mister Millennials will feature something new, whether it be guest artists, new characters or holder benefits. Additionally, multiple real-world projects aligned with Mister Millennials will be released as seasons drop.

Our aim is to build an open, inclusive and creative community, bridging the real world with the metaverse. There is a Millennial in all of us, and we all belong. Welcome to The Neighbourhood.





Digital designer, Disney lover & occasional baker.

Los Angeles native, Liat has dipped her toes in all ponds from the film industry to the fashion world. After moving to New Zealand, Liat said F*ck You to the corporate world and hustled to build her own business.
Between brand design and web builds, Liat is the creative mind behind Cake & French Fries illustrations. 

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Social savvy, lyrical genius & world traveller.

Cincinnati born & globally inspired, Joey has experienced life from the secluded wild to bustling cities. This curious foodie is chasing the next memorable dish while creating tunes & being a magical marketeer. 
You can find Joey slanging NFTS for Cake & French Fries, from the rolling hills of  Middle Earth.

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Lots Of French Fries In Paper Boxes Over Blue Background, Geometric Seamless Design, Creat

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Cake & French Fries is a digital art house specialising in the minting of fine NFTs since 2022.

Our collections are created exclusively on the Solana blockchain via

hoodytime Donut logo.png

Utility: Each NFT will function as a 3-point pass giving the HOLDER the following Hoody Time perks

1. FREE ENTRY to any Hoody Time show (excluding festival appearances)... for life.

2. HALF PRICE merch at any Hoody Time show (excluding festival appearances)... for life.

3. EARLY LISTENS on upcoming music via Hoody's personal Google Drive... FOR LIFE.

The OFFICIAL Hoody Time Album Art NFT collection. Each NFT is a 1/1 Hoody Time single or album artwork.


Mister Millennials is an NFT collection from New Zealand based Digital Art House, Cake & French Fries, bringing you 69 collectible characters with pungent personalities!

Timeless, tacky, and TOTALLY YOU!

Coming Soon 

We are pleased to announce the first IRL project aligned with the Mister Millennials brand.

Mister Millennials: Welcome To The Neighbourhood will be a 69 page, hardcover book introducing our OG characters and the origin stories of The Neighbourhood.

A discount will be applied for Mister Millennials holders. Follow us on socials and join our mailing list to be notified of the release date, and how to get your copy.
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